Landscaping Photo Gallery

First Southern Baptist Church in Caldwell added a second building to it's property requiring new landscaping and re-landscaping around the original building. We installed a sprinkler system, large landscape rocks, trees, shrubs, plants, and sod.

The landscaping around the front of the original building was bare and uninviting.  We added planter beds, sprinklers and fresh sod to spruce up the building's appearance.


The home owners wanted an updated look, so we started by removing the unattractive brick wall and transforming that area into a flower bed.  The junipers were taking away from the elegance of their stone walkway, so we removed the junipers and re-landscaped that area using the existing lilies to accentuate the walkway.

This Island Woods home owner had an existing large water feature that never functioned properly and wanted it replaced with landscaping.

This Eagle home owner had very little landscaping to begin with.  We outlined ares of their property for privacy by building up berms with large landscape rock and filling those areas with trees, shrubs and plants.  We created a custom pondless water fall directly behind the house with a flagstone walkway leading to it from their patio.   


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