Pavers Photo Gallery

This Lakewood home owner wanted their small wooden deck removed and replaced with a large paver patio and retaining wall around their flower/tree bed. The patio is lined with a soldier course and paver lights. The patio's large size is perfect for entertaining in their back yard which opens to a neighborhood park.  They were so happy with their new patio that they asked us to build another smaller patio off their kitchen and replace their front walkway with pavers as well.

This home owner wanted a multi-level patio that leads to a fire pit and to the outdoor spa.
The retaining wall accommodates extra seating while entertaining.

This concrete patio with concrete steps outlined in railroad ties was deteriorating and unsightly. The surrounding landscaping just sloped downward and was messy and not contained.  The home owners spent very little time in their back yard besides mowing the grass.  We demolished their old concrete patio replacing it with a 900 square foot paver patio surrounded by a retaining wall. The surrounding landscaping was lined with a smaller retaining wall, and paver steps lead down to the lawn.  They love their patio so much they asked us to build an island-style patio further out in their large back yard.  Needless to say, the homeowners spend much more time now on their patio eating meals and entertaining guests.

A Patio-Home customer in Meridian wanted a walkway leading from the garage to a patio in back.

This home owner in Lakewood had a large deck that they wanted replaced with brick pavers that would accommodate family meals and star gazing. These evening shots show the paver lights along the soldier course. A retaining wall allows for additional seating when entertaining, and paver steps lead to the lawn.

Flagstone walkways and patios.

This Customer had a home built in a neighborhood off of Bogus Basin Road and wanted all pavers for their patios and walkways.  The large back patio is surrounded by a retaining wall separating the patio from the hill slope behind the house.

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